The contribution of small businesses to the economy's annual turnover of over R 10.5 trillion (2019) and can continue to improve their stake of the formal business sector in South Africa.


The average annual growth rate of small businesses, compared to the 8.4% of medium-sized businesses and the 5.4% of large businesses from 2012 to 2019.


small businesses have the potential of creating more than 90% of the new jobs needed, according to the National Development Plan, but need funding in the early stages of their business to do so.

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The “Theory of Change” model is adopted to apply logic and continuous feedback loops for effective impact measurement and management. In ensuring our theory of change is translated into real impact results, we will develop a coherent practice of high-quality impact measurement and management, implemented at the core of the business. Effective measurement and management of impact data is essential to knowing whether we are achieving the impact we seek.