Working From Home

Long-Term Investment


Intsika refers to the central pole that provides strength and support when a home is being built. This speaks to objectives of the Fund and what the objectives of the BMF were in establishing the business. We seek to support the central poles of our economy being the SME and the entrepreneur. 

We invest in companies at the early stage from pre-seed to seed and provide them with the equity and debt capital, and support necessary to scale up from early-stage startup/SME to successful business.

The Intsika Impact Fund responds to the growing market opportunity to promote SMME’s to bolster job creation and drive the transformation of the South African Business Landscape.  The Fund is designed to fill a gap in the array of financing options available to established and growth-oriented SMMEs operating in several consumer demand-driven sectors in South Africa.  The Intsika Impact Fund will operate as an investment funder that offers business/technical development support services and drives market access through its unique understanding of both public and private-sector supply chains. 

Funding Approach

  • Equity and debt investment.

  • Substantial minority/equity stake.

  • Business and Impact partner to the business rather than a takeover.

  • Board position, though not a pre-requisite nor mandory to  the engagement.

  • Exit within 5-7 years.

  • Early and expansion stage.


Our focus on the SMME is based on their improving stake in the annual turnover of the formal business sector in South Africa.