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We believe in African founders and entrepreneurs to solve our socio-economic challenges.

The Intsika Impact Fund is a BMF initiative and was founded in 2021. It has since developed a rich network of local business partners. We make early and transformational investments in companies that have the potential to do great things. Our dedicated team is made up of seasoned investors who are looking to partner with hard-working, visionary entrepreneurs.

the Fund should be viewed as an impact-first investment vehicle that is positioned as a high-impact and moderate-to-high risk fund aimed at providing support to SMME’s and technology start-ups.

The fund objectives are aligned to the mandate of the Black Management Forum, being to drive socio-economic transformation and develop managerial leadership. Considering this alignment, the fund operates with the intent of demonstrating its contribution through clearly defined impact areas that speak to its objectives and a framework that will enable the fund to report on and communicate its contribution.


We believe in African founders and entrepreneurs to solve our socio-economic challenges.

The Fund is intended to be an impact investment fund that will provide modest financial returns and measurable social returns to investors.  Job creation potential, economic sustainability, as well as skill development and transfer, will inform the investments we make. 

Our approach to measuring ESG impact is based on the established theory and practice of measuring impacts and outcomes from private equity investments. Using established industry standards, we can develop reasonable, collaboratively identified thresholds. Our approach proposes a simple framework in which positive impact investing may be promoted rather than just merely doing “less harm” through ESG integration. 

Our strategy entails investments (debt and equity) in under-developed SMMEs and leadership teams, serving underserved or untransformed markets that show growth potential with a strong product or service offering and a scalable business model. We are well positioned to provide early-stage capital for enterprises with a strong business case and/or are solving a key socio-economic or environmental challenge (aligned to our impact areas), in need of essential capital.


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